What can Multi Cultural Awareness do for your business?

I’ve been working recently with a company that sells IT software.

Multicultural business – clients all around the world.

Their IT support staff have excellent product knowledge – all the facts & figures & answers to technical questions.

But one or two things are missing …..

Firstly, their Customer Service skills are incomplete – things like prioritising issues, setting goals, questioning & listening skills.

We’re working on them!

Secondly, they have some difficulty relating to the people on the other end of the telephone or email, who might be in Sweden or Switzerland, Saudi Arabia or South Africa – any country really.

“Cultural Ignorance”.

We’re working on this too!

Because it leads to big challenges in building rapport and empathy with their clients.  So one-off sales transactions rarely turn into repeat business relationships.

Stage 1: group workshops and presentations on Multi Cultural Awareness to help staff understand more about the wide variety of backgrounds and cultures of their customers.  Especially how to recognise and handle both the similarities and differences between them.

Stage 2: follow-ups at work (“on the job”) with 1-2-1 coaching for each member of staff who attended the training, with the focus on their individual situation, in particular any gaps in knowledge about the specific cultures relevant to their own role/clients/markets.

We’re now looking to expand our target group from Customer Service people to Sales, Business Development and Project Management teams, including Team Leaders and Managers.

Exciting times for a go-ahead multinational company!

If you want to add another dimension to your own overseas business, I’d be happy to help.