Training and Coaching

Working Better Across Cultures

Filling the gap in the market for SMEs that want the knowledge and skills available to the multinational giants but without the sky-high costs associated with larger organisations.

Cultural Finesse is a small specialist provider of group training and 1-to-1 coaching.

How is your “CQ” today?

I will help you to improve your Cultural Intelligence (“CQ”), so that you :

  – build your confidence working with colleagues & partners, clients & suppliers from around the world

  – interact and communicate more effectively with people from different national and business cultures

  – move beyond stereotypes to avoid many common mistakes & misunderstandings that damage global business relationships

I design and deliver interactive presentations and workshops as well as 1-to-1 coaching.  So that no matter the size of your business – one person or many – we can find a way to work together that works for you. 

Just contact me at Cultural Finesse for more information.

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