These are crazy times we are currently living in

Covid-19 has literally halted life as we know it.

To battle this virus, we are being told to stay home and quarantine and self-isolate. I’m thankful that I can still go out to take a walk during the day to get some fresh air and a break from being inside.

On my walks I see people from all walks of life dealing with this in their own way. Just down the block from me is a Spanish family who play music from Spain daily to remind them of their home. A few blocks over is a couple from the Middle East who I sometimes see outside in their traditional garments to keep them grounded.

Everyone always says hello when I pass by and of course I reply. We all have to try and be there for each other during these times and a simple ‘hello’ and smile can go a long way.

Also, over-hearing phone conversations in so many different languages is very eye opening as to the fact that it’s not just the American culture dealing with this mess, it’s every culture world-wide.

It’s interesting to see on the internet how other countries are coping with this new way of life. There’s a video from Italy showing a street singing together from their houses/apartments. Another video showing policemen in Spain getting out of their cars with a guitar and singing and dancing in the streets to entertain those stuck at home.

It really is encouraging to observe a community coming together in this time of crisis. I’ve seen people having cook-outs and giving the food away to those who are unable to get to the grocery store. People at the pharmacies helping the homeless with basic medication.

I am part of the Broadway community here in the States and so many Broadway alumni current and past are bringing the stage to your living room. There is a television channel which allows you to stream Broadway and West End shows and…….Patti Lupone is doing live concerts in her basement! Social Media is full of performers banding together to keep others’ spirits up by giving mini concerts/cabarets.

Myself? I am taking it a day at a time. I am trying to find things to occupy my time. Sometimes it’s productive, other times it’s hard to even get out of bed. There are many sides of coping with this lockdown and I am doing my best to stay positive.

Even though we are many cultures and have extremely different ways of life, we are banding together to fight a common enemy and it’s keeping me hopeful.