Cultural Coaching for Small Businesses



“A strong insight into areas of customer communication which aren’t usually considered. When we communicate with difficult customers’ circumstances, having the awareness of behaviour styles and cultural backgrounds may give us the ultimate customer-care-edge in the industry.”

- Greg


“I am more confident with awkward customers, having more ways to deal with them. The trainer did a good job, making the experience fun and interactive.”

- James


“Creating a positive customer experience by understanding how to analyse the type of customer behaviour you are dealing with in order to achieve the business’ customer-satisfaction objectives.” 

- Sathkar


“When talking to customers from the Middle East, it has been a lot easier to understand where they are coming from, and the way they communicate. Changing my tone, voice and approach to situations depending on the customer behaviour”

- Carl


“It has helped me dealing with difficult customers (from different backgrounds), understanding their reactions on email and the tone of their voice, and remembering the rule of three!” 

- Bhuwan


“The tutor for this course was excellent. Teaching us how to build a good relationship, by recognizing the characteristics of the customer, which I find highly valuable.” 

 - Subash