Cultural Coaching for Small Businesses

Success Through Multi-Cultural Awareness

Grow your global business

Bridge over the cultural divide

How to recognize and adapt to different Cultural Behaviors around the world Comparisons and Contrasts across continents, industries and individuals.

What are the “local rules” about:

  • Time Management
  • Power and Authority
  • Communication Styles
  • How to get Results

Cultural Insights = Competitive Edge

Beyond cultural stereotypes

How to identify and work with Cultural Values and Codes. How do you find common ground between your two personal Cultural Comfort Zones.

What are the key personal values of:

  • Customers (you sell to)
  • Suppliers (you buy from)
  • Staff (you work with)

Cracking the corporate culture code

How to be a Cultural Detective and improve your Business – to – Business skills Clues and Cues to decode the Organization’s Cultural DNA

  • Relationships between employees
  • Attitudes to authority
  • How they think and learn
  • Attitudes to people and customers
  • Managing change