Success Through Cultural Awareness

Cross Cultural TrainingWith the power of the Internet, your business is able to work with any company in any town in any country across the globe.

At Cultural Finesse, we help you to develop your Multi-Cultural Awareness and gain insightful knowledge of your target clients’ countries and their ways of doing business.

Discover The Power Of Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Using Cultural Intelligence (CQ), you will identify invaluable information about the culture, country and business environment of your international contacts: customers, suppliers and staff. We guide and support you to use this information to give you a real competitive advantage.

How We Solve Challenging Dilemmas

Having worked extensively with all kinds of businesses across five continents, we have the skills and experience to help you:

  • Build better working relationships with people from overseas cultures
  • Add value to your work through increased productivity and better understanding
  • Avoid potentially costly and damaging cultural misunderstandings

Who Do We Work With?

We work closely with CEOs and Managers from a wide variety of roles, taking time to understand their business, identifying the current “CQ Status” and helping to develop realistic action plans in areas such as business development, customer service, sales & negotiations and HR staff matters.

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