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Cultural Education and Training for International Business

When you're expanding to international markets, it's important not just for leadership to gain knowledge on the countries and cultures but also for your entire team to develop similar awareness and skills.

When your company works with people from overseas (external customers & suppliers, business partners, and internal staff), you will be much more successful with a really good understanding of their working styles, values, and behaviors.

Cultural Finesse provides training and education so that your team can get that all-important understanding of different cultures.

How? We teach you about the way their culture works, which will give you valuable insights into how they do business.

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  • Lunch and Learn cultural understanding overviews
  • Workshops, seminars, training, customized to specific locales

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“The tutor for this course was excellent.  Teaching us how to build a good relationship, by recognizing the characteristics of the customer, which I find highly valuable.” Subash ★★★★★

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Clients have ranged from multinational corporations (including Dell,, British Telecoms Global Services, Lloyds Bank International, UK Post Office) to numerous SMEs (Small and Medium-size Enterprises) as well as many individual coaching clients, especially business start-ups and managers & team-leaders, located all around Europe, UK, USA, and the Middle East.