Cultural Insights To Give You A Competitive Edge

When you’re working with people from overseas (customers, business partners and staff), you need to make sure you have a really good understanding of their working styles and behaviours.

Through our range of training and coaching options, at Cultural Finesse we help you develop your Multi-Cultural Awareness and gain valuable insightful knowledge about how people from other countries do business. Our speciality is speaking “Global English”!

How We Help Your Business Function

If you deal with people working abroad, or you have UKbased staff coming from / moving to another country, then there are many working practices that you might need to improve, such as:

  • HR – staff appraisals, giving feedback, time-management
  • Sales – greetings etiquette, negotiation techniques, handling meetings
  • Business Development – leading and influencing skills, team-working

Graeme has lived and worked in different cultures all around the globe and he has the knowledge and experience to give you no-nonsense practical information and advice that will ensure your staff remain content, engaged and productive regardless of where they are based.

The Cultural Finesse Solution

Cultural Awareness TrainingTargeted and designed specifically for (your) business, our range of training and coaching activities will guide and support you to:

  • Build multi-cultural awareness
  • Develop this awareness into strategy and realistic plans & actions
  • Review results and adapt them to fit in with your plans and your clients

We guide you through the “credibility gap” to build better interpersonal relationships, lead and influence others more effectively and deliver more successful outcomes.

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