Cultural Coaching for Small Businesses

Coaching Packages

“Goal-Setting” Coaching Meeting

Making your Coaching Meetings “individual” to you

  • We establish your goals for our first two Meetings
  • Duration – 1 hour

Lunch & Learn: “Multi-Cultural Awareness”

“Bridge over the Cultural Divide”    

  •  Cultural Behaviors & “Local Rules” around the world: Country, Business & Individual
  • Duration - 1 hour

1-to-1 Coaching Meetings:

Your personalized Coaching Meetings (incl. regular review of goals and content)

  • Duration – 1 hour

Cross-Cultural Communications Toolkit: “Working All Over the World”

  • Duration of each Meeting / Webinar - 1 hour
  • Choose from the following list:

1. “Beyond Stereotypes”                        

Cultural Values & Codes: how to live within your Personal Comfort Zone

2.“Cross-Cultural Customer Service”     

Building Rapport & Relationships

3.“Communications Breakdown”          

Greetings, Meetings & Business Etiquette Worldwide

4.“Sex, Business & Synapses”          

How Gender can Affect Business Across Cultures  

5.“Cracking the Corporate Culture Code”       

Improving your Business – 2 - Business Skills

6.“Negotiations in Action in a Culturally-Connected World”

Behavior Styles: Actions, Reactions & Interactions

7.“Working and Thriving in the USA”

Uncover the Behaviors, Language and Culture of Americans in Business