Your Cross-Cultural Navigator

About Me

Graeme Cooper

I am a business trainer and coach and a “cross-cultural navigator”.

I specialize in helping business people (and their organisations) to communicate more clearly and work more successfully across cultural boundaries.

I show my clients how to build and maintain cross-cultural relationships and move forwards “from first contact to final contract”.  This leads to:


  • Increased business development and sales
  • Higher levels of customer service and customer satisfaction


  • Improved staff engagement and retention
  • More effective teamworking with motivated team-members

I work with businesses from micro-to-macro, from Entrepreneur to Small-Business-Enterprise to Multinational, that don’t have the time, knowledge or experience to run their own specialized training for intercultural operations.

What I do is

  • deliver training and coaching to build  Multi-Cultural Awareness (MCA) and develop  Cultural Intelligence (“CQ”) throughout the organization

So that

  • the business generates lower costs and higher profits in the key areas of Sales, Customer Service, HR and Business Development

Which means that

  • the business can survive and thrive using the people already available and on-board

So I’m looking for …..

  • businesses that want to improve communications with their diverse clients and staff and get a competitive edge over their rivals

“I am committed to guiding and supporting you to build better connections with your clients from different national and business cultures by expanding your Multi-Cultural Intelligence”

My Background

Global Knowledge - Available Locally

I had one burning ambition when I graduated from university: to see the world and get someone to pay me to do it.  Result: SUCCESS!

After a first career working for a global British bank throughout UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia/Pacific and Africa, switched horses mid-stream and began a second career several years ago by starting up my own small business – and I’m still going strong!

I design and deliver highly interactive workshops and presentations, with the focus on people absorbing their learning through practical activities and enjoying themselves – I am definitely a real-world pragmatist and not an academic theorist!

Clients have ranged from multinational corporations (incl. Dell, Monster.com, British Telecoms Global Services, Lloyds Bank International, UK Post Office) to numerous SMEs (Small and Medium-size Enterprises) as well as many individual coaching clients, especially business start-ups and managers & team-leaders, located all around Europe, UK, USA and the Middle East .

I am quite a “rare bird”, as a specialty of mine is talking “Global English” with people for whom English is not their first language.  I know how they feel, because I have learned some other languages myself on my travels!

Among my transferable skills and qualifications, I am an award-winning actor and director in amateur theatre (at regional events in England as well as a “Best Actor” award at a European Drama Festival) and I’m also a Freeman and Liveryman of the City of London.  I now live and work in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

My Specialties:

Cross-Cultural Training and Coaching : Multi-Cultural Awareness, International Business Etiquette, Negotiating in a Culturally-Connected World, Customer Service Across Cultures, Business Cultural Dilemmas around the World,  Communicating Across Cultures

Communications Skills: Sales and Negotiations, Key Account Management, Building Relationships & Rapport, Questioning & Influencing Skills, Business Acumen (incl. financial awareness & business strategy)

Team-building & Team-working: Leading and Managing Your Team, Presentation skills, Train-The-Trainer

DELIVERY: workshops, seminars, presentations, 1-to-1 coaching

CLIENTS: SMEs and/or national and multinational corporations

If you have challenges or problems dealing with people and businesses from other cultures, or your business communications in general, please get in touch:  I’m available at your office, a coffee-shop or a PC-screen near you!


“A strong insight into areas of customer communication which aren’t usually considered.  When we communicate with difficult customers’ circumstances, having the awareness of behaviour styles and cultural backgrounds may give us the ultimate customer-care-edge in the industry.”  Greg

“I am more confident with awkward customers, having more ways to deal with them.  The trainer did a good job, making the experience fun and interactive.”  James

“Creating a positive customer experience by understanding how to analyse the type of customer behaviour you are dealing with in order to achieve the business’ customer-satisfaction objectives.”  Sathkar

“When talking to customers from the Middle East, it has been a lot easier to understand where they are coming from, and the way they communicate.  Changing my tone, voice and approach to situations depending on the customer behaviour” Carl

“It has helped me dealing with difficult customers (from different backgrounds), understanding their reactions on email and the tone of their voice, and remembering the rule of three!”  Bhuwan

“The tutor for this course was excellent.  Teaching us how to build a good relationship, by recognizing the characteristics of the customer, which I find highly valuable.” Subash


What I Do

Business Training

Business Coaching