Business Development with a Cultural Focus

multi-cultural awareness

How is your “CQ” these days?

Improving your Cultural Intelligence (“CQ”) will enable you to:

  • build confidence to work with colleagues and partners, customers and suppliers, from around the World
  • move beyond stereotypes to avoid common mistakes and misunderstandings that damage global business relationships


What if you could upgrade your Cross-Cultural Competence?

Move beyond just making a good first impression and learn how to:

  • build more profitable intercultural relationships
  • make your staff more effective communicators
  • gain a real competitive edge over other businesses in your marketplace

inter-cultural BUSINESS SKILLS

From Negotiations to Customer Service

Finding a way to work with people from other cultures is the key element of successful business performance today.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Cultural Insights

When you work with people from overseas (external customers & suppliers, business partners and internal staff), you will be much more successful with a really good understanding of their working styles, values and behaviors.

In other words: their “Culture”.

Using a wide range of training and coaching options, I help you develop your Multi-Cultural Awareness, to give you valuable insights and knowledge abut how people from other countries and cultures actually “do business”.

My specialty is seaking “Global English”!


There are many working practices that you might want to improve –

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – greetings & business etiquette, negotiation techniques, handling meetings, leading and influencing skills, team-working

HR MANAGEMENT – staff appraisals, giving feedback, time-management

Build Business Success through Cultural Intelligence

With the power of the Internet, your business is able to work with any company, in any town, in any country around the globe.

I can guide and support you to identify key information about the culture, country and business environment of your international contacts and then to use this information to give you a real competitive advantage.


After working extensively across five continents with all kinds of businesses, I have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you to:

  – build better working relationships with people from overseas cultures

  – add value to your work through increased staff engagement, productivity and understanding

  – avoid potentially costly and damaging cultural misunderstandings


My clients are typically engaged in areas such as Business Development, Customer Service, Sales & Negotiations and HR Operations – job titles are less important than the types of problems I help to solve.

Look at your Business from a new Perspective