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Unlock Global Opportunities for Your Business

It all starts with knowing how to communicate across continents, countries, and cultures. Cultural Finesse is here to help you break down barriers so you can succeed internationally.

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Today, business in every industry is increasingly global.

Globalization has not only made the world a smaller place but it’s also created a huge untapped opportunity for businesses to expand into new markets.

But, before you can be successful in an international market, you've got to understand its customs and cultural norms.

Why businesses like yours work with Cultural Finesse

Whether you’re hiring talent, marketing to global customers, or sourcing supplies, we’ll help you build a solid foundation for working globally.

Hire Talent

Employees and contractors from new countries can offer new skills and expand your business hours.

Expand to New Markets

Grow your business by marketing to new customers across the globe.

Source Supplies and Resources

Reduce costs on the supplies and resources you need for your products.

Gain a global competitive edge!

“A strong insight into areas of customer communication which aren’t usually considered.  When we communicate with difficult customers’ circumstances, having the awareness of behaviour styles and cultural backgrounds may give us the ultimate customer-care-edge in the industry.” Greg ★★★★★
Unlock Global Opportunities

Work with Cultural Finesse

Cultural Finesse provides consulting, coaching, and training to help businesses work more effectively across the globe.

We are the "Guide at Your Side," helping you to find ways to build bridges and grow relationships in other countries so you can succeed anywhere!

Graeme Cooper

About Cultural Finesse

35+ years of living and working all around the world | 15+ countries across 5 continents

I had one burning ambition when I graduated from university: to see the world and get someone to pay me to do it. Result: SUCCESS!

After a first career working for a global British bank throughout the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia/Pacific, and Africa, I switched horses mid-stream and began a second career several years ago by starting up my own small business – and I’m still going strong!

Clients have ranged from multinational corporations (incl. Dell,, British Telecoms Global Services, Lloyds Bank International, UK Post Office) to numerous SMEs (Small and Medium-size Enterprises) as well as many individual coaching clients, especially business start-ups and managers & team-leaders, located all around Europe, UK, USA, and the Middle East.

I deliver coaching to build Multi-Cultural Awareness (MCA) and develop Cultural Intelligence (“CQ”) with leaders and their organizations.

I help businesses lower costs and generate higher profits in the key areas of Sales, Customer Service, HR, and Business Development.